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Our vision and culture

StackSource is building the commercial real estate financing platform of the future. To accomplish that, we’re building a team full of smart, driven people, both from traditional real estate finance roles and from tech, always aiming to hire people smarter than ourselves.

You’ll fit in at StackSource if you’ve been successful and innovative in prior roles, value autonomy, prove yourself trustworthy, and move fast.
Our vision and culture
Our tech platform

Tech & human support

StackSource’s software engineers arm our Capital Advisory team with the best platform in the business, reducing time on repetitive tasks, and more time focusing on their clients. Its a game-changer – ask us to show you more.

We don't automate everything though. There's a human Analyst team standing by to support underwriting and deal placement.
Healthy commission splits

Healthy commission splits

Achievement should be rewarded. We want our Capital Advisors to make a lot of money; more than at other shops. There are only two ways to do that:

1. Close more deals (efficiency + leads)
2. Higher commission split

What if we handed you all of the above?

Your client = your deal = your earnings
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Own your impact

Own your impact

Capital Advisors at StackSource have the immediate ability to earn equity incentives with the company, in proportion to your impact in helping us grow.

In 2023, Capital Advisors can also opt in to taking a portion of their commissions as stock options. We succeed together.

Have what it takes?

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