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Freddie Mac Multifamily Loan Programs

Freddie Mac (FHLMC) is a government sponsored entity that provides fixed rate or floating rate loans to acquire or refinance all types of multifamily properties.  These multifamily mortgages are used to finance properties such as market-rate apartments, student housing, senior housing, and affordable housing.  While Freddie Mac's conventional loan program has always been an excellent source for large multifamily properties, the introduction of Freddie Mac SBL (small balance loan) program has opened the door for more investors to take advantage of Freddie Mac non-recourse loans.

For eligible borrowers, Freddie Mac multifamily loans offer some of the best terms and rates in the market, along with Fannie Mae.  However, qualifying for Freddie Mac loans requires that the borrower and property both meet a high standard set by Freddie Mac.

Loan Amount:

$1 Million to $100 Million+

Max LTV:


Typical Term:

5 - 10 years Fixed, up to 20 years Floating
  • Low Rates (better than community banks)
  • Long Amortization (Up to 30 years)
  • 80% LTV
  • Non-Recourse

Market Information
Operating Statements
Current rent roll
Pro Forma Financials
Schedule of Real Estate Owned
  • Experienced multifamily owner
  • Stabilized, cash-flowing property
  • 650+ credit score
  • Sufficient net worth and liquidity

How to Get a Freddie Mac Multifamily Loan

Freddie Mac does not directly originate loans, but instead relies on authorized lenders to underwrite and service the loan based on Freddie Mac guidelines. While Freddie Mac offers loans in a wide variety for scenarios and geographies, each authorized lender may only originate for a limited number of loan programs in a limited geographic area. Your StackSource Capital Advisor can review your property to connect you with the right Freddie Mac originators in the StackSource lender network.

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Guide to Freddie Mac Multifamily Loan Programs

Freddie Mac Conventional Loan Program

Freddie Mac's conventional multifamily loan program offers loans for market-rate multifamily properties for loan amounts larger than the SBL program.  This program is commonly used by both individual and institutional investors to finance their multifamily assets because of the favorable rates and terms.  These Freddie loans are an especially good fit for borrowers seeking to hold their asset over the long term.

Freddie Mac SBL (Small Balance  Loan) Program

Freddie Mac's SBL program provides financing for loan amounts of $1 Million to $6 Million (Up to $7.5 Million in some markets).  This program offers excellent terms to borrowers that qualify.  Freddie SBL loans typically have a fixed rate period of 5 - 10 years, followed by a ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) for the duration of the loan.

Freddie Mac Affordable Housing Loan Program

This relatively new Freddie loan program is available for multifamily real estate in underserved areas that are affordable to families with low incomes.  This program offers beneficial rates and terms on assets that qualify.

Freddie Mac Senior Housing Loan Program

Freddie Mac provides loans for acquisition or refinance of senior housing including properties for independent living, assisted living, or a limited amount of skilled nursing.  The loan programs provide long term loans with up to 30 year terms.  The maximum LTV varies based on terms from 60% up to 75%.

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