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Honey For Commercial Real Estate

Your Commercial Real Estate Sidekick

Still running "back of the napkin" numbers for multifamily and commercial property listings? Using old financing assumptions to calculate your returns?

Install the StackSource browser extension once - and watch those property listings analyze themselves for you.

Get live rates based on several commonly used lender types

Financing rates and terms vary for multifamily and commercial properties. Don't wait for a lender to return your call. Pull live market rates and terms into any property listing, instantly.

  • Instant agency multifamily quotes
  • Live CMBS rates
  • Model Amortizing or I/O loans

Load up analysis on any property listing

Visit any multifamily or commercial property listing, and simply click the StackSource logo to analyze an acquisition.

We do the hard calculations so you don't have to.

Performing calculations in a spreadsheet repeatedly sucks, but going 'back of napkin' leads to errors. Leave the inked up napkins behind and make the property listing analyze itself.

Share Your Analysis

Quickly send an interesting deal to your investment partners.

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Coming soon - save the best deal opportunities to your pipeline.

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