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StackSource is the easiest way to find the best commercial lenders for your next multifamily (5+ unit) deal in Alabama. Our tech platform guides you through entering information about your deal, then automatically connects you with top national and Alabama-regional multifamily commercial mortgage lenders. The platform is great for small-balance commercial mortgage loans ($500k - $6 Million), and also mid-market loans up to $50 Million.

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What is the right time to seek out financing for a commercial real estate project? Here we’ll cover the items you need to have ready in order to line up financing quotes from lenders.

HUD loans provide extremely favorable terms. Refinancing a stabilized asset would fall under HUD’s 223(f) program, which provides a 35-year term and amortization, non-recourse loan at up to 80% loan to value, at a fixed all-in rate as low as 3.75% (as of Q1 2017).

GSE stands for “Government Sponsored Entity”, and in this beginner’s guide we’re going to cover the two most important players, who you’ve sure to have heard of: Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac.