Jaideep Chadha

Associate Capital Advisor

Jaideep is an entrepreneur and problem solver. As an Associate Capital Advisor, Jaideep is able to assess commercial real estate deals and recommend ideal financing solutions for clients across the country. Jaideep He has a wide range of experience in management consulting, risk management, financial analysis, and modeling out commercial real estate investments prior to joining Stack Source. His most recent role was at Crowe as a Business Operations and Strategy Consultant. Jaideep holds a BSc. Business Administration degree from University of Southern California (USC) and is pursuing his MBA at Colorado State University. Jaideep is currently serving as the Board Treasurer for Aurora Cultural Arts District (ACAD) and as a Board Member of the USC Alumni Real Estate Network (AREN). Previously, Jaideep served as the President of the USC Young Alumni Council and as a Board Member of the USC Board of Governors. Throughout his career, Jaideep has seen the benefit and impact of incredible teachers, mentors, and coaches. He makes an active effort to provide similar impact and opportunities to those around him and within his community. In his free time, Jaideep enjoys travelling, reading, watching sports, and talking about disruptive ideas.