New Slack Community for Proptech (Real Estate Tech)

March 2, 2018

A group of entrepreneurs in the real estate tech (proptech) space has launched a new Slack community to discuss industry trends, news, jobs, and more. For those unfamiliar, Slack is an extremely popular chat tool among tech startups. Chat discussions are broken up into multiple “Channels” focusing on different topics, and new members added to a channel can see the entire history of that topic, making it easy to get catch up and participate.

In kicking off a Slack community, the hope is to fill a void left between dedicated industry events and conferences showcasing Proptech, and the firehose of information on wide-ranging topics that is Twitter. Members will be able to participate in discussions, keep up to date on industry news and announcements, post or look for jobs, and direct message other members. Over 150 industry professionals have joined in a single week since launching.

The community is not just for tech startups! Any real estate industry professionals interested in staying up to date and participating in the tech discussion are encouraged to join.

In order to join the “Proptech Connect” Slack Community, you can sign up here.

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