Product Features

Our comprehensive suite of tools and resources is designed to empower brokers, lenders, and borrowers in the commercial real estate industry. Explore the features available with each of our subscription plans and see how StackSource can streamline your financing process, enhance deal flow, and provide actionable insights.


Subscription Features

The Source Capital Markets Report

Stay informed with our Source Newsletter, delivering the latest industry trends, market updates, and insightful articles directly to your inbox. This curated content ensures you remain ahead of the curve in the commercial real estate market.

Lender Matching Algorithm

Our sophisticated capital provider matching algorithm surfaces the ideal set of debt and equity capital sources to solicit funding. The system considers dozens of data points about each deal to compare providers and rank them across potential competitiveness, responsiveness, and “sweet spot” alignment.

Unlimited Specific Capital Provider Search

Access an unlimited search function to find specific capital providers that meet your unique criteria. Filters and loan sizing can be adjusted to pinpoint the exact specifications sought, including recourse, rates, prepayment penalties, maximum leverage, and many more advanced search criteria.

Access to Thousands of Debt Sources

Explore an extensive network of debt financing options including banks, credit unions, life insurance companies, debt funds, and more, giving you the flexibility to find the best terms for your projects.


Subscription Features

Automatic OM Formation and Download

Automate the creation and downloading of Offering Memorandums (OM) with ease. This feature saves you time and ensures consistency in your deal presentations, allowing you to focus on securing financing.

Lender Engagement List Export

Easily export detailed lists of engaged lenders in Excel format to streamline your follow-up process. This feature helps you keep track of potential funding sources and manage your lender relationships more effectively.

Access to Capital Markets Consultations

Consult with our capital markets professionals with varied expertise to gain strategic advice and guidance. Comparing notes and strategies with other experts is a key factor to winning complex or “hairy” deals.

Access to Thousands of Debt and Equity Sources

Expand your financing horizons with access to a wide range of both debt and equity sources, including family offices, private equity funds, and alternative capital stack providers like C-PACE and ground lease providers. Win with the optimal capital stack.

Access to Analyst and Processor Pool

Leverage the expertise of our analyst pool for additional support and insights. Our analysts are available to help you find suitable comps, conduct research, and provide professional underwriting files in Excel format.


Subscription Features

Deal Monitoring and OM Distribution

Monitor your deals and quotes from competing capital sources in real-time and efficiently distribute Offering Memorandums to target groups. These digital offering memorandums track opens and interactions as well as rejection reasons from capital providers who decline a deal.

In-House Legal Support

Access in-house legal support for all deal-related matters. Our legal team provides guidance and assistance to ensure that your transactions are compliant and legally sound, giving you peace of mind throughout the financing process.