StackSource Referral Partners & Affiliates

Two ways to connect deals with lenders and earn a fee with StackSource.

1. Straight Referral Program

Work with commercial real estate investors? Let them know they can access financing on StackSource*.

Simply enter your name and email address below, and press "Get Referral Link" for your own, unique referral link.

Too fancy? Email and phone introductions are just as good to earn a referral fee.
Contact us to learn more about the program.

*Leads will be vetted and approved by StackSource after generating a link. We don't promise we can arrange financing for every deal. Referral program terms and conditions apply.

2. Affiliate Broker Program

Are you a financing broker? Do you lack access to the direct capital sources necessary to get your deal closed?

Enter loan request details on our platform, get matched with direct capital sources, and team up with the StackSource team to get the deal closed.

Note: As with our Referral program, we make no guarantees that we will approve every deal. As an affiliate, we expect that you've already qualified the deal before entering it on our platform, or are in the process of qualifying it. If you need help with qualifying and underwriting, chat with us.

Am I a Referral Partner or an Affiliate?

Referral Partners
Affiliate Brokers
Borrower relationship
Hand off to StackSource
Continue working with borrower
Document collection
Must pre-qualify leads
StackSource underwrites, builds digital offering memo
Reach targeted direct capital sources
Fees shared at close
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