Open Sourcing Our Operations: Comp and Levels at StackSource

Transparency is a core value for StackSource. So let's take it up a notch. Here are exactly how Capital Advisor levels and commission compensation work at our company.

Tim Milazzo
Open Sourcing Our Operations: Comp and Levels at StackSource
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It’s a core value we’ve named for our team at StackSource, and one we strive to live up to at many levels.

So let’s take it up a notch.

Here is how exactly how compensation and levels works for Capital Advisors at StackSource:

I was going to write a longer blog post about this, but then I thought that most of the interested readers would just prefer to jump straight in to the information you came here for. There’s context right there in the document too about why we put it together: to set expectations and give our team a roadmap for different levels and compensation for every real estate finance professional at the company.

The primary audience for this information is current and future Capital Advisors at StackSource. I have no doubt some competitors will be interested in studying this as well, and that’s fine. We have a lot more to gain by sharing this than we have to lose.

If you’re a competitor in real estate finance reading up on our operations at StackSource, we encourage you to come alongside us in making this industry more transparent for everyone from clients, to lending partners, to professionals in every segment of the supply chain. That may even mean joining us at StackSource.

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