StackSource Core Values Series

Tim Milazzo
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The final Star Wars movie is out in theaters. Whether you love them all, have never seen them, or think The Last Jedi is garbage, this is a series defined by speed. The characters literally traverse the galaxy at “Hyperspeed”, which is a different mode their spaceships can enter that allows them to cross unimaginable distances between star systems within a short amount of time. The cool thing about Hyperspeed is that it isn’t just marginally faster than the next setting that a ship can go — it’s exponential. It opens up entirely new possibilities to reach places you’d never be able to go at “normal” speed.

Speed always opens up possibilities. Sports teams, armies, and businesses alike win and lose based on their ability to move fast. Real estate investment is no different — if you think a hot deal will wait for you to underwrite, visit, inspect, underwrite again, chat with partners, chat with lenders… oh sorry, the deal is gone. Someone submitted an LOI yesterday morning and the seller accepted.

We’re naming Speed as the second core value for the StackSource team.


verb : move quickly

alternate : make prosperous or successful.

Financing and underwriting shouldn’t be the aspect of a deal that slows it down. Underwriting really only comes down to two things: math and data. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but computers are really good at math. They’re fast. They’re accurate (if the inputs are correct!).

But there’s still a human component to underwriting and financing a commercial property. It comes down to assessment of risk and coordinating information with the right parties. It also comes down to good, old fashion responsiveness.

We all get tons of work emails today. We all see a lot of deals. A core value of Speed means that we don’t let something that needs a fast response to sit unanswered when we can help it. When we go fast, our clients and partners can go fast. Like hyperspeed, our tech platform enables more speed — but our people still take the wheel and make sure we get to the right destination, as quickly as possible.

Miss last week’s first post in this series? The first core value we named was Integrity:


StackSource Core Values Series


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