StackSource Adds Net-lease Financing Features

Tim Milazzo
January 29, 2019

2018 was a year of learning for StackSource. When we originally launched our platform in 2017 to more seamlessly connect commercial real estate investors with the best lending options on the market for any given deal, we expected that Multifamily would be the top asset class that we’d manage to finance, especially early on.

Multifamily is an enormous and growing asset class in the United States, and the demand for it will continue for the foreseeable future as our culture realizes a generational shift of preferences from single-family homes to the convenience of apartment living, and even into the home-as-a-service. While there’s a significant pull toward walkable urban cores, the reality is that the multifamily housing market is extremely spread out. That means there are tens of thousands of these smaller multifamily properties scattered across the country in secondary and tertiary markets, where there may not be existing finance brokers available to help investors source a loan with a great rate and terms. For this reason, we have seen dealflow in the multifamily sector since opening up for business — but the largest driver of revenue for StackSource to date has actually been in Retail, and especially in single-tenant net lease (STNL) transactions.

Net-lease buyers are often parking capital to safely cash flow, and may not be active real estate players besides. For that reason, connecting these investors with the best lenders on the market to maximize cash flow is valuable, and we’ve seen high demand for an easy experience in financing these assets. We’re now doubling down on those efforts by adding features around this investment strategy to our platform.

When requesting loan quotes for a single tenant net-lease (STNL) transaction, investors can now type in the name of the property’s tenant, which will search StackSource’s tenant database in real-time:

Stacksource tenant database

Once the correct tenant is clicked, StackSource automatically pulls in additional information about that tenant to screen for the right lending partners, and to help streamline their underwriting. Information about the tenant’s business, including their bond credit rating (where applicable) are taken into account, in conjunction with other standard screening and underwriting criteria. If the tenant is not a major brand recognized by the platform, the prospective borrower can provide additional information manually.

As we look to keep up the momentum and grow our net-lease financing business in 2019, we’ll continue to build out our platforms features to make it easy for both borrower and lender to transact.

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