StackSource launches new, mobile-friendly commercial mortgage offering memorandum

Tim Milazzo
January 28, 2022

As a commercial real estate lender, you know that it’s critical to focus on viable deals with complete and accurate information about the property and the borrower. The limiting factor for most lenders building their loan portfolio is not capital — it’s time. At StackSource, we help lenders access vetted real estate lending opportunities that they can evaluate with ease and efficiency.

To that end, StackSource has launched a design refresh for its lender-facing user interface that includes new functionality and a responsive design for smaller screens like mobile phones.

Commercial mortgage lenders and other capital sources for commercial real estate investment now have access to the cleanest, most efficient digital offering memorandum in the industry. Both new and existing projects seeking capital through the StackSource marketplace will now default to the new interface.

Here are some of the highlights of what you can expect when next reviewing a financing request from StackSource:

Mobile Responsive

You’ll find all the same features when viewing financing requests on a phone that you’ll find on a desktop browser. All offering information is present along with available actions (quote terms, decline request, or contact the Capital Advisor).

Asset and borrower information prioritized by impact

We’ve rearranged some of the information found in StackSource’s digital lender interface, along with adding some new data points for deal review. The new order and grouping of information was determined by feedback from some of our lending partners, in addition to StackSource’s own data from tens of thousands of lender interactions.

Quote a loan — step by step

We’ll be honest — our old “Create offer” form was ugly. We updated it organically over time, and while the actual structure of the loan offers on the platform was sound, the design for creating and managing those offers had slipped away from us.

Our new UI has a dynamic flow for creating offers (like loan quotes), so you can click and enter information one piece at a time. You’ll start with loan sizing, and move on to pricing (interest rates), loan term, amortization, recourse, etc. in a logical sequence, rather than managing a lengthy single form with a jumble of required information.

A key structural enhancement to entering loan quotes is that instead of asking for a loan amount right away, the new flow allows you to provide the sizing constraints of your loan program first, and the platform will calculate the maximum loan amount automatically.

For instance, if you enter max 80% LTV and max 1.25x DSCR, the StackSource platform will determine the lowest loan amount from those two chosen criteria, and determine the appropriate maximum loan amount for the borrower to consider. However, you can still opt to provide a loan amount directly if you don’t want the platform sizing the loan on a particular deal.

The same ease of information sharing and interaction as always

Deal information, pictures, and categorized attachments are all still easy to find, and either read, download, or interact with as needed. The ability to quote terms is now easier (see above), and you can still decline a financing request, or get in contact with a Capital Advisor to discuss the deal, in one click.

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