StackSource Partners to Offer Financing through PropertyIDX (Formerly Falkon)

January 26, 2018

We’re excited to share that StackSource’s tech-enabled commercial mortgage platform is now available through PropertyIDX (fka Falkon), a leading listing and marketing platform for investment properties in New York.

PropertyIDX’s mission is to transform commercial real estate transactions using speed, intelligence, and agility, and they accomplish that by creating innovative marketing and sales products for investments sales brokers and real estate investors. StackSource’s vision for bringing the debt capital markets in commercial real estate online is complementary to that mission — and now, it’s connected.

Commercial property investors and scrolling investment sales listing on PropertyIDX will now see a “Get Financing Quote” option powered by StackSource. Clicking through will lead those users to the StackSource platform, where they’ll be guided through a simplified process for submitting a commercial mortgage request. That request will then be automatically matched with the ideal loan programs from banks, credit unions, agency, and private lenders best suited for the particular asset financing scenario, and receive further guidance from an expert StackSource Capital Advisor.

Ash Zandieh, founder of PropertyIDX, is a pioneer in the real estate tech space in New York, having also founded the industry association and media relations firm RE:Tech, which holds events and publishes unique insights on the real estate tech sector.

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