StackSource Partners to Offer Financing Through Quantum Listing

November 28, 2017

Quantum Listing offers a suite of technology tools enabling brokers to list and market commercial properties for sale or lease. The listings on the platform attract potential tenants or buyers of properties. Today, buyers browsing have the benefit of one more powerful feature: exploring financing options through StackSource.

We’re excited to bring an innovative financing platform to Quantum Listing’s users, letting them easily connect to our full array of lending partners including banks, credit unions, government agency, and private lending options across the country.

David Perlmutter, Founder & CEO at Quantum Listing, is a real estate industry veteran who has been involved in commercial real estate investment and brokerage for three decades. While some long-time industry executives settle in and get comfortable with certain processes that they are then slow to shake off later, others like David take the core principles that lead to success in the real estate industry, and imagine new ways of achieving those same goals.

“I am really excited to partner with StackSource, because it closely aligns with QuantumListing’s mission to democratize real estate information by harnessing technology. StackSource allows all real estate investors to efficiently match up their financing requirements against lenders’ criteria and determine deal feasibility in a transparent way that I’ve never seen before. StackSource is the new paradigm in commercial mortgage brokerage.” David Perlmutter

David continues to see opportunity to innovate with technology platforms for commercial real estate both by building tools directly, like Quantum Listing, and also by partnering and engaging with other real estate innovators like StackSource.

To contact David and the Quantum Listing team, email or check out their website at

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