The StackSource Saga

November 7, 2017

We screwed up.

We ran out of money.

I sat down with my small team and told them we couldn’t make payroll.

They could choose to take their last two weeks of pay and walk, no hard feelings. I would try to sell the technology we had built for something.

Or we could make a bold move and pivot — stop selling to our current customers, and become our own customer.

We pressed on, powered by hope, for 3 months with no pay and families to feed.

Finally the big day came — we launched our product, and over the next few months, hit success!

Learning from mistakes got me here.

Shout out to all the entrepreneurs who have made mistakes and learned from them.

Special shout-out to selfless mentors like Michael Mandel, Jenny Fielding, Jon Zanoff, Craig Mullett, and others who provide sage advice when someone is feeling down and out.

Now go find the next entrepreneur in line and #givefirst

This is what Techstars is all about. #mentormadness

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