Tim Milazzo
December 13, 2019

Look around the real estate industry these days, and you’re going to find a lot of startups talking about bringing “transparency” to the industry. They come in the form of real estate data providers, tech-enabled brokerages, and software platforms. The “old school” players may also be talking about transparency, though perhaps more selectively — where it benefits their existing business.

Transparency could mean the ability to see who is transacting in the market, and at what price. It could mean a cleaner transaction experience, where all the steps are laid out and the players are communicating openly. It could mean gaining visibility into your options on a given deal right up front, with the ability to “see the market” beyond just relying on the opinions of the people you know.

It’s not only real estate. As a matter of fact, real estate is arguably behind the curve in the business world’s demand curve shift toward transparency. Businesses are run by people, and people crave transparency.


noun : an honest way of doing things that allows other people to know exactly what you are doing

similar : openness

At StackSource, we’re committed to transparency as a platform. That plays out in the technology tools we create, and the Capital Advisors that guide our clients through the commercial financing process.

Specifically, it means:

  • Always showing the StackSource Fee as part of the loan quote comparison process.
  • Capital Advisors seek to provide full transparency into clients’ financing options through the StackSource service. We don’t do favors for our capital providers, we do business with our capital providers.
  • Capital Advisors will relay any obtained financing quotes to their client, via the StackSource platform, as quickly as possible.
  • If we don’t think your deal is financeable, we’ll tell you right up front, and explain our reasoning.
  • Our platform shows all the lenders we’ve matched to a loan request. Users can see lenders that review and decline a loan in addition to those that submit a quote.

What does Transparency mean to you?

Find the right commercial real estate financing with StackSource by getting instantly matched to the best debt and equity options for your project from our nationwide network of capital sources. 

Our expert Capital Advisors help you secure your ideal capital stack, resulting in a lower cost of capital for your investments in less time and with more transparency than a traditional commercial mortgage brokerage. Learn more at