Commercial Mortgage Rates


Commercial mortgage rates vary widely by scenario, asset type, and location. It's important to understand rates in the context of the market and the structure of the commercial mortgage loan.

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Commercial Mortgage Rate Indeces

Not all commercial mortgages are explicitly tied to an index - many are fixed rate. However, if they are floating or if the interest rate is not yet locked, it will typically be tied to one of the following.


Short for the "London Interbank Offered Rate", LIBOR is a very common underlying index for floating rate commercial mortgage loans. However, LIBOR will be discontinued and replaced with a new overnight rate index in a few years. Read more.


The United States Treasury Bill is the security that is most heavily traded on the open market, and yields on those trades determine this index.

Swap rate

A swap rate can be based on the yield curve for LIBOR or for Treasuries.


The prime rate is a benchmark rate that banks charge corporations with the highest credit rating. The rate itself moves with banks' own cost of overnight loans from other banks (Federal Funds Rate), which is set by the Federal Reserve.

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Factors that affect your commercial mortgage rate

There are several factors which will affect the rate of your commercial mortgage (loan for commercial real estate). While the underwriting practices of lenders vary, there are several key factors that will determine which lenders are your best bet, and how competitive your rate will be.