Applebee's - Duluth

4% fixed, coterminous with lease
Amount: $

StackSource recently arranged $1,689,350 in non-recourse financing to acquire this NNN leased Applebee’s located in Duluth, GA. Applebee’s was founded in Atlanta, GA in 1980 and has been successfully operating at this location since 1986. Based on strong store sales and tenure at the location, Capital Advisor, Andrew Bouton, was able to get a local lending partner comfortable with the remaining ~4.5 years left on the lease. Andrew negotiated a 4.00% fixed rate, non-recourse loan for 51 months (concurrent with remaining lease term) based on a 25-year amortization and a 65% LTV. Additionally, since the lender is a federal credit union, the borrower was exempt from paying intangible taxes, a savings of $5,067.

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