4 Reasons to Choose StackSource vs. Working With A Bank

Chris Peters
May 26, 2022

Investors ask us all the time - How does StackSource compare to working directly with a bank lender? Here are some of the most notable reasons we will stand out when you are looking to finance your next property.

900+ Lenders

For starters, StackSource is a platform that has over 900 unique capital sources that total over 1,700 unique capital programs (some capital sources have multiple programs, i.e., construction, bridge, perm, agency, etc.). When working with StackSource, investors have access to these hundreds of capital sources at their fingertips through one point of contact. Investors will have access to different kinds of lenders such as banks, credit unions, life insurance companies, agencies, CMBS, private lenders and debt funds, and different types of loan solutions. These additional solutions include construction, bridge, semi-perm, and perm; all with varying terms, rate, amortization, fee, prepayment penalty, and cost structures.

When investors speak directly to only one, or a handful of lenders, they may be limiting their options and may not secure the optimal terms that fit their specific needs.

Manage Application & Underwriting Process

Secondly, as we’ve all experienced, each lender’s application and underwriting process can vary, and it can be difficult for investors to manage that process when they often have other more important items to tend to or tasks to complete. There can be forms and documents that need to be completed and signed, and financials and property documents that need to be submitted. However, and maybe most importantly, there are specific questions that should be asked that a typical investor may not even be aware of. By working with a seasoned and experienced Capital Advisor at StackSource, the investor can rest assured that their Advisor is gathering the correct information and working on their behalf to obtain the best possible financing solution to meet their specific needs.

Manage Closing Process & Lender Changes

Thirdly, usually during times of turmoil and uncertainty, many lenders’ lending policies and procedures can change on a whim, often during the middle of underwriting, as we saw starting in March 2020. We witnessed dozens and dozens of investors spinning in circles as their lender changed the loan terms or requested additional (and sometimes unnecessary) documentation only to have the loan terms changed or even declined several weeks into the process. StackSource has not only managed to weather the closing process with difficult lenders, but we’ve also kept records on our lenders and are able to determine which lenders can deliver and which lenders tend to underperform.


While StackSource does not work for free, we are a success-based company in that the only compensation that StackSource receives is in response to a successfully closed loan. Some investors believe the overall cost to StackSource does not justify the service and loan they receive. However, for those that are new to commercial real estate or are looking to expand their business by sourcing undiscovered capital providers, StackSource is a great option.

Our StackSource platform gives you access to hundreds of capital sources, and our Capital Advisors always put you first, making sure that you are negotiating the best terms for your financing needs, as quickly as possible. Start your loan request today.

Find the right commercial real estate financing with StackSource by getting instantly matched to the best debt and equity options for your project from our nationwide network of capital sources. 

Our expert Capital Advisors help you secure your ideal capital stack, resulting in a lower cost of capital for your investments in less time and with more transparency than a traditional commercial mortgage brokerage. Learn more at StackSource.com.